Yet another Dynamics AX/365 blog

You might ask yourself why this blog exists. Well, to be honest, it exists to give me the possibility to document whatever I’ve developed in and for Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. It also serves as a Know-How database by collecting all my experiences and knowledge about Dynamics AX/365 and all other things around it. A good side-effect is that you can also profit from it 🙂

My goal is also to help out others by sharing my knowledge and also giving a platform to discuss about all the stuff around it.

My last reason: since I’ve already come across so many sites and blogs where people’s posts helped me out so much, I also want to give that back 🙂

Please enjoy your stay on my blog and feel free to contribute to the DAX/D365 community by commenting and sharing your thoughts/knowledge!

One thought on “Yet another Dynamics AX/365 blog

  1. Many thanks sir, my utmost appreciation for the hard work of your team, i am a regular
    visitor to your site indeed, i thought to, (out of courtsey) provide some suggestion and feedback
    of my own , would be thankful if you could reply or acknowledge my recommendations to make this website more content focused .

    Rana Duggal.


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